Southwest Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition

Coalition Contact:  
Stephanie Buelna, MS, RD, LD, IBCLC
Dietitian & Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Coordinator
Pottawattamie County WIC Program
300 W. Broadway, Ste. 9
Council Bluffs, IA
P: (712) 328-5886
F: (712) 328-5810

Covering 10 counties: Monona, Crawford, Harrison, Shelby, Pottawattamie, Cass, Mills, Montgomery, Fremont, and Page.


o   Sponsored a 4-hr Breastfeeding Education for Iowa Communities training on 3-5-12 with 60 attendees

o   Sponsored two 5-day CLC trainings by the Center for Breastfeeding in 2012

o   Updating community bf resource list for bf moms:

Resource Guide for Breastfeeding Moms in the Des Moines Metro Area

o   Restructuring coalition to expand opportunities for projects

•       Current projects:

o   Community LC support services

o   Feedback from currently BF moms

o   Sponsor a 5-day CLC course in 2014

o   Sponsor an Advanced course for IBCLCs in 2014

o   Contact HyVee for World BF Week recognition on grocery bags