Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition is offering scholarships to local breastfeeding coalitions in the state of Iowa to help cover the cost of becoming a 501c3. See below for application rules.


  • IBC holds an individual 501c3 charity organization exemption status.

  • The IBC is unable to umbrella the local coalitions under our 501c3 exemption status because we do not hold a group exemption status.

  • Application Rules:

    • Must be a current local breastfeeding coalition in the state of Iowa.

    • Understands that the financial aid can only be earned once.

    • Understands that this financial aid will be used for applying for a 501c3 designation, and will pay for half of the application cost, not exceeding $200.

    • Understands that the final decision of who to grant the financial aid to will be determined by the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition's Board Members. 

    • Understands that the receipt and proof of application is required to be submitted to the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition Board within three months before funds will be distributed for reimbursement.

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