Scholarship for Breastfeeding Education

Interested in a breastfeeding conference or taking a lactation course?  Scholarships are now available for current Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition members.

The applicant:

  • Must be a current member of the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition.

  • Understands that the scholarship can be earned once in a one-year period.

  • Understands that this scholarship will be used for continuing education related to breastfeeding such as a breastfeeding conference or course, and will not exceed $100.

  • Understands that the final decision of who to grant the scholarship to will be determined by the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition's board members.

  • Understands that the receipt and proof of registration and attendance is required to be submitted to the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition Board before funds will be distributed for reimbursement.

  • Application must be submitted prior to the date of the training or conference.

See application for more details.


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Applicants are not required to have any professional training, but we would like to hear what your background is, such as a nurse, public health, breastfeeding supporter looking to advance, etc.
Please tell us why you are applying for this scholarship
Please be specific using dates, locations, pricing, and specific names of conference or course.