We encourage businesses to welcome mothers and babies and provide them with a comfortable place to breastfeed their baby.

About the Project

The Family Friendly Business project was developed and initiated in Ames, Iowa this year.  The goal for the project is to identify businesses in the community that are supportive of breastfeeding families.  Businesses are being contacted and asked if they would provide a welcoming environment for nursing mothers.  Of the 28 businesses that were invited to participate in Ames, 25 are already on board with the remaining 3 seeking approval from their HR department.

Visit the Family Friendly Business Facebook page for more information about the project.  Make sure to "Like" the page to help spread the word about the initiative!

General Information

To become a Family Friendly Business, we ask just two things:

  1. Have a welcoming attitude to nursing mothers and babies
  2. Provide a comfortable, clean place for a mother to breastfeed (a dressing room or quiet corner is just fine)

In exchange, the Family Friendly Business Initiative will:

  • List your business as Family Friendly in information available to mothers
  • Provide a logo to place in the window of your business
  • Offer a handout with suggestions for bring employees on board
  • List your business as Family Friendly on this page
  • List your business and map its location on the Family Friendly Business Facebook page


Expanding the Project

Are you interested in bringing the Family Friendly Business project to your community?  We would love for this initiative to spread throughout the state (and beyond!)  If you would like to start this project in your community, here are a few suggested steps:

  1. Form a group to coordinate efforts in your community.
  2. Contact endorsements in the medical and breastfeeding community
  3. Send out letter to selected businesses
  4. As businesses respond, have information added to Facebook and Google Map (send info to familyfriendlybusiness@gmail.com)
  5. Send businesses on board a thank you letter with vinyl window cling and copy of handout for employees
  6. Either send follow-up letter, email, or call businesses who haven't yet responded.

The Ames team has graciously offered to share an example of the letter that they sent to businesses to invite them to join the initiative. Feel free to edit this with your own community endorsements.  In addition, they have shared the handout that they give to businesses that sign on that gives tips for educating employees about supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Letter to Businesses

Employee Information

Sign for Parents

For more information, visit www.familyfriendlybusinessinitiative.com or email familyfriendlybusiness@gmail.com

Family Friendly Business Initiative Grant Opportunity

The Family Friendly Business Initiative is spreading across Iowa and the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition is offering to assist interested coalitions or communities.

If your group would like to promote the Family Friendly Business Initiative in your area, an Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition grant opportunity is available with funds to assist. The grant is for local breastfeeding coalitions established with the IBC or community groups.  The IBC will fund a maximum of $50 for each approved proposal. Applicants must show matching funds of 100%.  

Grant application